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Bring Back the Joy & Free Yourself from Holiday Anxiety 

Did you know that 90% of adults find the holidays very stressful, and that depression, anxiety, and even suicide go up at this time of year.

But you don’t have to get sucked into the anxiety and despair if you have a few concrete tools and effective strategies for reclaimIng your well-being and calm.

In this free class, I will give you the tools and strategies you need to make this Thanksgiving and the winter holidays manageable, and even (dare I say it?) fun again!

4PM Eastern Time, Thursday November 21st

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Rhonda Uretzky, Author of "The Blissful Warrior"

I’ve been a yoga teacher for over 40 years, and I have done many practices to calm the body and quiet the mind, and I was surprised at how uniquely effective Mary’s practices are in helping me to recognize and manage my anxious mind before it can drag me too far down that slippery slope into worry and fear. Mary’s guidance has been invaluable!  With the holiday season coming the anxiety is already palpable all around me. Thank goodness I have Mary to help me manage it -- and even enjoy it this year.

Virginia Vitzthum, Editor at "Represent Magazine"

“Mary’s great gift as a coach and healer is to make people feel seen and heard without feeling judged. 

“This is harder than it sounds. We bring our most vulnerable self into this work, and the merest hint of disapproval can shut us down. But big work also requires change, and Mary doesn’t just affirm, affirm, affirm. She gently and kindly guides you to other possibilities.  

“I’ve worked with a lot of practitioners, and I know how rare is her ability to make a client feel supported, safe and loved.”

Dina Rose, PhD, Author, Educator

I joined Mary's 21-Day Challenge because I wanted to find my “happy.” It’s no exaggeration to say that with the first exercise, Mary showed me where to look. The simple act of directing where I put my focus and attention, which is sometimes frustratingly hard to accomplish, has been truly life changing for me. 

“Simply put, Mary Cordelia is about the most compassionate, loving and supportive person I know and she has created a 21 Day Challenge that shows us how to treat ourselves with the kindness and understanding she models.”  

Mary Cordelia Myers

As a Holistic Therapist and Neuro-Alignment Specialist, Mary has worked with people for the last 18 years, teaching them powerful techniques to release trauma blocks, and become happier, healthier and more successful.

Throughout her 20's and early 30’s, Mary suffered from overwhelming depression and anxiety and found it increasingly impossible to pursue her professional dreams as a musician, or even get out of bed many days. Her self-worth was at an all time low when she discovered the power of working directly with the Brain-Body Connection, and training the mind into following new neural pathways.

Somatic and Neural Healing practices gave her her life back, and made her determined to pass the gift to others.

In this free workshop, Mary will share with you some of the easiest techniques to reclaim your wellbeing and your focus, even in the midst of stressful moments.

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